So, as you may know, i love basketball. Originally i was going to have someone dribble and dunk a basketball into the hoop i drew but i realized that that would take too long considering how long it took to draw the court and the hoop. I decided to just do an animation of a basketball going into the hoop and i like the way it turned out.

Flash Animation Proposal

So for my flash animation thing i’m going to either do a little animation of a basketball player doing some dribble moves and then dunking or shooting or a game where you shoot baskets.

What Inspires Me?

This video is a jordan commercial about two kids from very different parts of the world. One boy is from china and the other is from America. Both boys have a great love for basketball and strive to be the best. The video shows the boys as they go through their basketball careers. They become rivals and are constantly pushing each other to become better and achieve success. At the end of the video both men go up for the alley oop, one trying to dunk it in and the other trying to knock it away. It is kind of up to you to decide who wins.
This video inspires me because i think it kind of shows it doesnt matter where your from or what ethnicity you are. You can achieve great things not only in basketball but in life too no matter where your from. I think it shows that if you work hard enough and put in a lot of effort, you can do anything.

I could use this video by kind of making the theme of my digital painting piece “No matter where your from you can do anything” or something like that.



While working on this project, i noticed that making my mouth was kind of difficult. Making my eyes and making them not look creepy was also kind of difficult. The hair was pretty easy because i have short hair and the blotches under my eyes also not very difficult.

For the blotches under my eyes i used the ESPN font and for the other parts of my face i used a sports jersey font. The eyes are zeros in between parenthesis. The outline of my head is also a sports jersey font but really shrunken down. I like sports a lot so i figured sports fonts would fit rather well.

For the color i just left it black and white except for my eyes which i made brown. I like how it kind of makes my eyes stand out and i think it looks cool.

post card


My postcard design changed a lot from what it originally was. At first i was going to make a splotchy background for the front of the post card but i guess it didn’t fit like i thought it would because the splotchy idea was originally for a poster and not a postcard. I guess i kinda like my design now because its very simple. I also like the colors on the front of the postcard.

Kobe Poster


I chose this poster which is a tribute to Kobe Bryant. This first caught my eye because i am a huge basketball fan and i love watching Kobe play. I also really liked how the the background looks like a basketball court. I really like how the purple seems to splotch off of Kobe’s uniform and the basketball. It looks really cool. I also really like how the the designer stuck the 4 into the court. i guess something i can use from this poster is how the background really seems to fit with the central part of the art piece. Kobe is a basketball player, and the background looks like a court. i could make the background of my piece look like kind of like a canvas or something pertaining to art.