The monster Julie has been released and is out for blood. Mwuhahaha. I had a lot of fun making this Digital Painting. I used the dodge and burn tool along with the sponge and smudge to for color and blending. I ended up creepier than expected. I started with only her face as a rag doll, but as the piece progressed i decided to do the entire body.



Digital painting Final Proposal

DSC_0024 DSC_0028

I am planning to do a digital painting in photoshop. I would like it to be a picture of nature and I think since it is Spring I will do a picture of a flower just like my first project. The first week I plan to do some erasing and the second week painting, the third week painting and retouching.

Garnier RE


I decided to use the Garnier bottle because I liked the green background of the bottle. I also liked the contrast of the blue gradient, so I decided to make it the centerfold of  my piece. I went with a slightly more simple approach to a somewhat crowded bottle. I think it turned out well.

Absence of Nature

Absence of Nature

Digital Painting
I took this picture after I took a little bit of a detour off of the school’s nature trail I took a picture of a bulldozer, after painting for a little while I decided to make the trees the center of attention in my painting, after painting more I decided to cut the bulldozer out completely.

EOA Design


I originally started with a much simpler design that incorporated red triangles with a black and white image for the background but I later found that it was almost scary looking so I then decided to incorporate themes for a non smoking ad and completely change my design. I had trouble with the learning curve of Indesign took me a while but it turned out great.

Poster Design From Bollywood’s Grumpy Cat

25-1I like this post because  of its complex simplicity, it is eye catching and I also like the way the font size increases just as though the type was the mountain itself. I would like to try to include the increasing font size in my poster.