Package Design


Package Design

This package design is a remix from a nike shoe box. I was going to go with another design which had a picture behind the nike sign of a skateboarder but it didn’t look right. The font was too thin and the background was white. So I just left it black which fit better.

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Monster Tissue



This monster is suppose to be a tissue box…once you tape it together. I chose to re-design a tissue box because I couldn’t think of an idea, and Mrs. Oliveri said that the school tissue boxes were really bland and I agreed…so that’s how that happened.The one blue rectangle on the bottom becomes the bottom of the tissue box when it’s assembled.The two blue/grey pattern rectangles become the length sides of the tissue box, and the two yellow squares become the width sides of the tissue box. The monster face side is the top of the tissue box. Actually the monster face was also Mrs. Oliveris idea. I kind of stole it from her. Personally I hate it. I don’t think there’s anything new or special about it. It looks like any other tissue box to me.

Lotion Re-design



original design





I decided to base my re-design on breast cancer awareness. At first, i tried to make the design more simple, but then as i worked i realized that the original design was already pretty simple. I changed my idea of making the design more simple to just changing up little parts of the design itself. For the font, i chose ‘Dakota Handwriting’ because it looked as if someone wrote out the words with the lotion. I changed the scent of the lotion to passionfruit because it represented the passion for helping cure cancer patients. I used the same general idea that was on the original design with the fruit and just made a simpler version of a passionfruit.

Packaging Re-Design

I have this cologne, called Armani Sport Code. I noticed (just now) that it’s a very simple and boring design. Simple can be good, however, this is too simple. The black background with the Red and White type looks too bland.

I added the raindrops, thinking that that would enhance the product. I used my ideas from my EOA Postcard with the “ARTS” in decreasing opacity as it travels down the page.

I didn’t really know what else to put on the product. I imagined my other cologne bottles, and they are all simple. If this were to go to the shelves, I think more men would buy it because of the eye-catching design of the enhanced colors in the letters.armani-sportFlood.Packagingdesign

Package Redesign

photo image


I redesigned a package for a speaker. The style is quite different between my package and the original package. I want the whole package looks simple but not boring and I try to use pictures to show what can this speaker do. I used black and white because they are my favorite colors, also I used some blue to make all the stuff match.I hope somebody will buy this speaker because my package.

I like the way that my package finally comes up, its really different then my original idea.

Packaging Redesign

Ken_PCD photo (1)

.Everybody loves cookie ( At least I think so), and I wanna make the cookie more eyes catching and more fashionable. So I used the red and the blue to make the package have the very strong feeling.

Package Redesign



Actual Package:

diet snapple

I redesigned the package for a diet snapple because I like to drink snapple and I thought it would be fun to try a new theme/flavor. The new flavor I used was starfruit tea, and the package colors were mainly green and yellow (starfruit colors).
As I continued working, my original idea changed. At first I was just going to do a greenish-yellow background and use straight, symmetric lines, but in the end, I did a bluish-green trim at the bottom, and the typeface and lines I used looked more handwritten than perfectly symmetric. I tried to stick to the descriptions pretty closely, but I did change some words to make it fit the star theme more. I used words like “stellar” and “universe” in the descriptions on the bottle and put a yellow orb like the sun or a glow behind the main starfruit below the title.

version 2

SAM_7375 cropped


the top image is my package redesign i did for urban decay’s naked palette. I wanted to stick to the theme of the makeup which is earthy, shimmering, metallic tones. most of these colors are bronze and taupe based which i kept strongly in my design. i wanted it to look like it was stamped into like a piece of bent, rusting metal, while keeping the elegant look.  the bottom image is the original package. enjoy.


Garnier RE


I decided to use the Garnier bottle because I liked the green background of the bottle. I also liked the contrast of the blue gradient, so I decided to make it the centerfold of  my piece. I went with a slightly more simple approach to a somewhat crowded bottle. I think it turned out well.

WP #6 Package Design

Three sites to look for inspiration:

How to get started:

  1. Bring in a package that you would like to REMIX or REDESIGN
  2. Sketch an idea that shows composition
  3. You may use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
    WARNING: If you use Photoshop it MUST be 300 dpi and 100%
    If you do not know what that means… ASK
  4. Start working!
  5. Due April 11th