May Desktop Wallpapers

Brand new wallpapers from Smashing Magazine for MAY!

Game Boy

Designed by Sander Geenen from Belgium.

Game Boy


Skype Interview: Ryan Mott

On Wednesday you will have a chance to speak with professional artist, Ryan Mott. He has created work for large companies like Best Buy, Kodak, and Kraft Foods. He will be sharing information about his college major(s), career path, and experience working as a professional artist. Please think of a few questions you could ask him (about his work, career, or favorite video game). Below I have posted some examples of his recent work.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Amazing Campaign Design.

I saw those cool pictures on the website, so….

“Russian advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi was commissioned to develop this amazing image and press campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow. The creative team of Polonski Yuri and Demakov Anton created this stunning effect of buildings, which still extend further into the earth. For more images check out here.”



St. Basil’s Cathedral – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign

Seven Sisters – Moscow State University – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign

Bolshoi Theatre – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign


via designyoutrust


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JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge®

You may not have the fastest runners in the field, but your team can still come out a winner (and look great too!) by entering the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Series T-Shirt Contest. Plan to produce a T-shirt for your team members to wear at the race. Let your creative juices flow and come up with a design that incorporates either the Series logo, full event name or any other element of the race (beneficiary, event location, etc.)

The companies with the top two designs will have $1000.00 (USD) donated in their name to the charity of their choice. The two winners will be chosen by popular vote conducted on each race’s Corporate Challenge Facebook page, from the top twenty designs as chosen by representatives of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the Executive Race Committee.

To participate, submit your t-shirt design in jpg or png format by email by the entry deadline. Race night entries will not be accepted. Two winning entries will be chosen.
Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony on race night. Winners are expected to attend the Awards Ceremony wearing their winning shirt to acknowledge their award.

See “Race Details” for complete submission details.

Online Entry Parameters

  • Submit your design in jpg or png format only.
  • Orient the front and back views next to each other. Include the sleeve design next to the other views if necessary.
  • Size your final image at 1024×768 pixels or larger but with the same aspect ratio.
  • Please make sure your final submission views clearly at 100% before sending.

Contest Rules

  • Entry designs must be worn by your entire team on race night.
  • Designs must include either the Series logo or event name (i.e. J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge) to be eligible for awards.
  • Designs will be screened for eligibility prior to posting on the voting platform. A maximum of twenty designs will be chosen by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and the Executive Race Committee, and entered into the popular vote portion of the contest.
  • T-Shirt Contest winners will be selected prior to race night by popular vote.
  • Winners will be acknowledged on race night. A representative of your company, wearing the winning t-shirt, must be available to attend the Award Ceremony.
  • Submitted t-shirts designs will be displayed on the Series website and/or Facebook page, and/or at subsequent Series events. All submissions become the property of the Executive Race Committee.

Contest Checklist

  • Design a company t-shirt for your team. Click here for the official Series logo in various formats.
  • Submit your t-shirt by email before the deadline. See “Race Details” for submission details.
  • Include your contact information and a cell phone number for race night communications.

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge ®.

Inspirational Speech

I found this video extremely inspiring. In my opinion, it accurately describes the unfortunate way humanity has been for centuries, and the way it is today. But I find his speech so inspiring because of it.

This speech is performed by Charlie Chaplin in the 1940 film The Great Dictator. THis video was created by “The Lakey Sisters”.

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