Final Project



This is my final project,  using the digital painting to paint a picture that I have done before.  I like the way come out and the different layers for the hair.  I am happy now is done!


Flash Animation

The final flash is really different then the idea that I first came out. I was planing to make a flash about basketball, then I realized that the whole story I will make is too long, so I changed my idea and made this wired video. I am not so satisfied with this one, but anyway I finished, so I am glad.

Final Project Proposal

I am gonna use photoshop to digital painting a picture that I draw before.  I want to make this project because I like painting and I like do my project using photoshop.  I think I will finish my painting in this week and do something different in the next two weeks.

This is the picture that I draw before.0

Flash Animation Proposal

My proposal: I would like to described the life of a basketball, and use it to represent a life of a boy. Its about 60 seconds maybe. It is only a idea.

Package Redesign

photo image


I redesigned a package for a speaker. The style is quite different between my package and the original package. I want the whole package looks simple but not boring and I try to use pictures to show what can this speaker do. I used black and white because they are my favorite colors, also I used some blue to make all the stuff match.I hope somebody will buy this speaker because my package.

I like the way that my package finally comes up, its really different then my original idea.

Digital Painting



This picture I took for the middle school students. I like painting and I had been used the photoshop for a little while.  I think that photoshop is really different compare to use the real paint and paint brush.  Its easier to change the color and redo, its change so easily. But is also hard in another side, that you can not really have a brush to just draw on the paper.  For me the most hard part is to paint the detail.

My favorite part is her coat, the color and everything looks so realistic. I would like to change the color of her face a little bit.

What Inspires me?

This video is talk about how a girl become a good dancer.  She is not good at first, and everyone laughing at her.  But she never give up and finally she win on the competition.

This video inspires me that you can do everything if you keep doing it and never give up.  You won’t good at everything at first, but if you love it, you should keep doing it. And one day, you will success. No matter what happen, don’t give up.

type FACE

type face

For this project I found that is difficult to make my nose and mouth. I tried several ways to make it looks real but not ugly.

I used one font for most of my project. I chose this font because I think this font have a really good curve. It’s easy to make it real.

The colors I used are black and white. I used another way to make the glasses of my friend, and got a really effect of the difference.

Evening of the Arts

eoa Guo fronteoa Guo back


My original idea was use black and green to do the design.  It is really different than this. This idea is make this postcard looks like a notebook. All the pictures and words kind of paste on the background.  I was confusing about which colors could I use.  I tried the black first but is not look that good so I change the color.   I think the the back of the postcard is a little bit empty.




I like this poster because the whole poster is seems simple but the idea is really good.  It is really creative and the font is easy.  The color and the context are mach.  Show us a main idea use a really easy way.  The war and peace together shows the really different between it.  And I like all the things that author used!