Flash Animation Proposal

So for my flash animation thing i’m going to either do a little animation of a basketball player doing some dribble moves and then dunking or shooting or a game where you shoot baskets.


Adobe Flash Project Proposal

I have not used Adobe Flash before, so I was thinking of going the simpler route. My idea is to have a car going down the street, and maybe have the letters of a car brand falling behind it.

TypeFace Self Portrait


While I was working on this project, I noticed that my face was more of an oval shape. At first, I thought it would make the project harder, but it actually was easier to show the oval shape then I think it would have been if it was more round. I think this because the parenthesis fit the shape of my face well.

For my hair, I used “s” and “c” because I think it showed the curls well. I think the curves in the letters were about the same of my actual curls in the original picture.

For the whole picture I incorporated the colors from the original photo into the typeface. I thought all the colors went together well and blended together well. My original idea was to just color my hair and nothing else, but then the black in my face was too bold and stood out too much.