This kid is a better artist than I am.




(photo above created by etall)

I found this way-cool art program called Hexels. Hexels is a grid-based art program that lets you paint in shapes. Best part is: it’s free for both Mac and PC!

Here is a link to a collection of cool Hexels art.

And here are some more cool examples (also created by etall).



Final Project

For my final project of my 9th grade Digital Art year :(, I decided to do another digital painting. As with my other painting, I took on the challenging task of painting a person, however, this time, in black and white. This brought new challenges to me because the colors are so similar and making sure they did not blend together was difficult. The background color was a challenge for me. It is not the same as in the photo because, as I mentioned, the color blended too much with the shirt.

In my original proposal, I thought I would add a creepy eye-drip effect on my painting, kind of like Alex’s (Bollywood’s Best Grumpy Cat) demon-like depiction of Julie. Yet, I wanted to keep this painting pure, and I didn’t like having a creepy effect on such a nice photo. if I did take that approach, however, I would have possibly made the drips be a different color (or an actual color/not black and white), to make them pop.

I’m glad I did another digital painting for my final project. With the limited time I had, as I worked on my Flash Animation project for what seemed like forever, I wanted to do something I knew how to do. I am also glad I took Digital Art. This was such a great class. Although MANY challenges were put upon me, I tried my best to fix them and became a more patient person, in my eyes. Thank you, Mrs. Oliveri for all your help throughout the year. I really appreciate it and can’t wait for another class with you!!

P.S. I will add the photo/final outcome later. It wouldn’t let me upload it…?

Final Project: Digital Painting

Paszko_Pear tree digpainting

I planned from the start to do a cherry blossom or something like that because there are many of those trees at my house that I could take pictures of, so that’s what I did. Some of the obstacles I ran into was the opacity being too low on the flower petals and I didn’t know why it was happening, but then I figured out that the smudge tool I was using made it more transparent. Other than that, nothing else happened that got in the way of finishing. So I am done! 🙂

final project outcome

claudia bat

I initially wanted to do a big collage of myself but ended up doing a digital painting inspired by my friend Claudia. I wanted to make my girl creepy but also beautiful – as well as to make her have many non-clichĂ© features.

I based her on my friend claudia for a couple reasons. Claudia has alopecia, so she cannot grow hair (I think just on her head, she has eyelashes though) but she doesn’t need it. She is beautiful in her own special way, and she has a great and very unique look on life. She also really enjoys piercings and the more alternative look which i tried to interpret as well.

the only thing i didnt take from her is she isnt scary skinny or a vampire. so yeah.


Package Redesign: Assassin’s Creed III

Package Redesign: Assassin's Creed III

Because I am in love with this game, I decided to redesign the cover art for Assassin’s Creed III.

As you can see, it is not finished, but this is what I have.

I like the front because it’s really clean and simple. I wanted to do the back in a similar way but I couldn’t think of anything to do with it.

But I like it.



Ken_K & D

Ok. Those are my final project! And as you can see, I wanted to make a poster (/some posters), and this time I wanted to make the poster which is not usually and ordinary. I wanted to make the poster which could give a great impression, not only limited at visual part , when you see it at the first time.

The first poster is a man sit on the chair and wondering and suddenly got inspired. And this is salutes to tilting the chair.

And the second one is a little bit creepy, which is what I wanted it to be.

Credit: Thanks for Davey Jarrell’s beautiful drawing.

Flash Animation

The final flash is really different then the idea that I first came out. I was planing to make a flash about basketball, then I realized that the whole story I will make is too long, so I changed my idea and made this wired video. I am not so satisfied with this one, but anyway I finished, so I am glad.