This kid is a better artist than I am.


Flash Animation

The final flash is really different then the idea that I first came out. I was planing to make a flash about basketball, then I realized that the whole story I will make is too long, so I changed my idea and made this wired video. I am not so satisfied with this one, but anyway I finished, so I am glad.


So, as you may know, i love basketball. Originally i was going to have someone dribble and dunk a basketball into the hoop i drew but i realized that that would take too long considering how long it took to draw the court and the hoop. I decided to just do an animation of a basketball going into the hoop and i like the way it turned out.

What Inspires me?

This video is talk about how a girl become a good dancer.  She is not good at first, and everyone laughing at her.  But she never give up and finally she win on the competition.

This video inspires me that you can do everything if you keep doing it and never give up.  You won’t good at everything at first, but if you love it, you should keep doing it. And one day, you will success. No matter what happen, don’t give up.

What Inspires me.

This is a video from the 2007 skateboarding video “Fully Flared” by the skateboard company Girl. This is by far my favorite video and was one of the reasons why I began to skateboard. I thought skateboarding was just about people who gave up on life and dont care about hurting themselves but I was way off. Skateboarding is also an art, it takes skill and patience. Something that I lacked, it also gave me friends that I can now call my family. Its a really well put video and the song is by my favorite Band “M83”. Enjoy!

What Inspires Me?

This video is a jordan commercial about two kids from very different parts of the world. One boy is from china and the other is from America. Both boys have a great love for basketball and strive to be the best. The video shows the boys as they go through their basketball careers. They become rivals and are constantly pushing each other to become better and achieve success. At the end of the video both men go up for the alley oop, one trying to dunk it in and the other trying to knock it away. It is kind of up to you to decide who wins.
This video inspires me because i think it kind of shows it doesnt matter where your from or what ethnicity you are. You can achieve great things not only in basketball but in life too no matter where your from. I think it shows that if you work hard enough and put in a lot of effort, you can do anything.

I could use this video by kind of making the theme of my digital painting piece “No matter where your from you can do anything” or something like that.

Inspirational Speech

I found this video extremely inspiring. In my opinion, it accurately describes the unfortunate way humanity has been for centuries, and the way it is today. But I find his speech so inspiring because of it.

This speech is performed by Charlie Chaplin in the 1940 film The Great Dictator. THis video was created by “The Lakey Sisters”.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow, the secret to happiness

Watch this video and then comment with the following information by Friday 3/1.

  • What is the state of flow in your own words?
  • When have you experienced flow or something like it? What did it feel like? What were you doing?
  • What is essential for you (personally) to find your flow?

Recommended/Not Required reading: An interview with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about web design (you will be able to pronounce his name if you read the introduction!)