Final Project Proposal

Choose something that we have already done or something new. Your choices are:

  • digital painting
  • app design
  • web design
  • animation
  • poster design
  • typeFACE
  • package design
  • anything from semester 1

For your proposal you will need the following information. 2 paragraph minimum.

  1. What is your idea? Why do you want to make it?
  2. What program will you use?
  3. What will you do for each of the 3-4 weeks? What is your plan?
  4. 2-3 inspiring images. Explain why they are inspiring to you.

How to export your Flash movie?


  1. Your Flash file must be saved on your desktop
  2. File > Export > Export Movie
  3. Give your movie a name
  4. Choose Format: Quicktime
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on “Quicktime Settings”
  7. Click on “Video Settings”
  8. Choose “Best” then click “OK”
  9. Click “Export”
  10. Please let me know when you are finished and Airdrop the file to me
    To access airdrop go to a new finder window > Airdrop (left column)

If that FAILS…


  1. Airdrop your flash file to me
  2. I will export it to a .mov file on my computer

I will upload the .mov file to YouTube for you and email you the link. You can then create a blog post with the video and a summary of your experience working in Flash!

May Desktop Wallpapers

Brand new wallpapers from Smashing Magazine for MAY!

Game Boy

Designed by Sander Geenen from Belgium.

Game Boy

How to: Bone Tool

Skype Interview: Ryan Mott

On Wednesday you will have a chance to speak with professional artist, Ryan Mott. He has created work for large companies like Best Buy, Kodak, and Kraft Foods. He will be sharing information about his college major(s), career path, and experience working as a professional artist. Please think of a few questions you could ask him (about his work, career, or favorite video game). Below I have posted some examples of his recent work.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

WP #7 Flash Animation

For this assignment you will be working as an animator. You will need to use Adobe Flash CS5 for this project. Some key vocabulary you will need to use and remember are… (I would strongly recommend using this vocab when you reflect on your finished piece – hint, hint!)


a graphic representation of drawings to show movement within those drawings.

Project File

a file created to hold animation or video content.


the drawing area, or part of an animation program window where the content is composed and manipulated.


Frames Per Second


a placeholder object used to contain text or graphics. It is also a single image from the sequence of images that make up an animation.


a frame used to specify a change in the animation. (Means: Something is about to change!)

Motion Path

a path drawn on a guide layer to control path animation.

Path Animation

a method of animating an object that requires the user to draw of create a path on a guide layer that the object follows.


the part of Flash that organizes and controls an animation’s content over time using layers and frames.


floating windows that contain commands, options, palettes, menus, and other features for quick reference while working in a program.


the vertical red marker in the timeline that marks the progress of the animation when it is previewed in the animation program.


the calculation of an object’s path from a specified beginning point to a specified ending point in an animation.

Motion Tween

a type of tween that has a blue background on the timeline.

Shape Tween

a type of tween that has a green background on the timeline.

Here are some examples of Flash animations of websites built in Flash…

The following are links to articles filled with examples of Flash

WP #6 Package Design

Three sites to look for inspiration:

How to get started:

  1. Bring in a package that you would like to REMIX or REDESIGN
  2. Sketch an idea that shows composition
  3. You may use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
    WARNING: If you use Photoshop it MUST be 300 dpi and 100%
    If you do not know what that means… ASK
  4. Start working!
  5. Due April 11th




Vote by Friday March 15th for your top three favorite designs …