What Inspires me?

This video is talk about how a girl become a good dancer.  She is not good at first, and everyone laughing at her.  But she never give up and finally she win on the competition.

This video inspires me that you can do everything if you keep doing it and never give up.  You won’t good at everything at first, but if you love it, you should keep doing it. And one day, you will success. No matter what happen, don’t give up.


What Inspires me.

This is a video from the 2007 skateboarding video “Fully Flared” by the skateboard company Girl. This is by far my favorite video and was one of the reasons why I began to skateboard. I thought skateboarding was just about people who gave up on life and dont care about hurting themselves but I was way off. Skateboarding is also an art, it takes skill and patience. Something that I lacked, it also gave me friends that I can now call my family. Its a really well put video and the song is by my favorite Band “M83”. Enjoy!

What Inspires Me?

This video is a jordan commercial about two kids from very different parts of the world. One boy is from china and the other is from America. Both boys have a great love for basketball and strive to be the best. The video shows the boys as they go through their basketball careers. They become rivals and are constantly pushing each other to become better and achieve success. At the end of the video both men go up for the alley oop, one trying to dunk it in and the other trying to knock it away. It is kind of up to you to decide who wins.
This video inspires me because i think it kind of shows it doesnt matter where your from or what ethnicity you are. You can achieve great things not only in basketball but in life too no matter where your from. I think it shows that if you work hard enough and put in a lot of effort, you can do anything.

I could use this video by kind of making the theme of my digital painting piece “No matter where your from you can do anything” or something like that.

What Inspires Me?

This is a video about a special needs kid who plays basketball. He was never given the chance to ever get into the game, but this time he did, and went for the gold.
This video is inspiring to me because I can relate to it. I have a special needs brother, and I know how it feels. Many people do not give disabled people the chance to do something that may be difficult for them. And many times, other “regular” people like you and me, pick on them for it. And this kid was given the chance– by the other team no less!!

This is truly inspiring to me. The fact that the person from the other team let him not only score, but win the game, is uplifting. I sometimes think that our world only accepts perfection, meaning if you are overweight or have a mental or physical disability, for example. But this kid proved me wrong.

I think I will try to, for say the packaging design, use this for inspiration to make a package for a product, say a video game designed for disabled kids, or toy for disabled kids. This will be a good thing to put to use, because, many disabled kids cannot play with the toys we can, or have the brain capacity we have to play a video game.

Looking, Eyes, Sight.

I love this one, because that have really good ideas, which connected to the future and hacking. And what really impressed is all the little details, on the wall and fridge. The way they decorate  the house, simple but with details. And a the first scene he’s shorts, couch and carpet are matching with the color. And when he cut the cucumber there’s Chinese at the left-up conner . And different fonts in different situation.

Inspirational Speech

I found this video extremely inspiring. In my opinion, it accurately describes the unfortunate way humanity has been for centuries, and the way it is today. But I find his speech so inspiring because of it.

This speech is performed by Charlie Chaplin in the 1940 film The Great Dictator. THis video was created by “The Lakey Sisters”.


My inspiration is the Avon walk for breast cancer commercial. It is inspiring to me because i’ve had relatives who have had breast cancer. It was a really rough time, and the commercials pushing for awareness will always be important to me. I could incorporate this into my next project or even maybe my next few projects. I could do this by maybe making the main theme of the photoshop painting about breast cancer awareness, or for the packaging design, i could make the box be from a foundation for breast cancer. I could also add on the box that all the proceeds go to a foundation for breast cancer. This could be incorporated into many projects in many different ways.

What am I looking at?

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The lovely lady you see in the first picture is a friend of mine named Mary. Mary is 2o years old, a single mom, and living in Southern California. Mary has been an amazing friend to me and has offered advice that has helped me through several road blocks in my life. She’s so wise and very, very talented. While she raises 2 year old Aura, Mary makes some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. She paints, she draws, she uses illustrator, she makes clay models, she does EVERYTHING. She even does posters and paintings for commission. Mary is an inspiration to me because she somehow juggles a stressful, busy home life, and also finds time to make art and be a happy person and an amazing friend. I’ll link her website if you guys are interested.

My Inspiration

My inspiration right now is a Nike commercial that came out last year of a boy running and a narrator talking about greatness being earned, not inborn. I find this commercial inspirational because it shows that it is never to late to do something great, no matter who you are. I could incorporate the video into my next art project (digital painting) by doing something new that I’ve never done before. For example, I will probably use a picture of salad for the background, but it can be an extraordinarily awesome-looking and delicious salad. 🙂

WP #4 What are you looking at?

Write a blog post  and share something that is inspiring to you right now. Including (but not limited to) a drawing, piece of writing, logo, outfit, youtube clip, commercial, photograph, or short film. Write why you find it inspirational and how you might be able to incorporate some element of it into your next project. Due Thursday 3/7. Use the category WP #4 Looking