Final Project: Digital Painting

Paszko_Pear tree digpainting

I planned from the start to do a cherry blossom or something like that because there are many of those trees at my house that I could take pictures of, so that’s what I did. Some of the obstacles I ran into was the opacity being too low on the flower petals and I didn’t know why it was happening, but then I figured out that the smudge tool I was using made it more transparent. Other than that, nothing else happened that got in the way of finishing. So I am done! ๐Ÿ™‚




For my final project, I want to digitally paint a crab-apple tree blossom(s) because there are many of these trees lining my driveway at home, and they are quite beautiful in the springtime. I am planning on using Adobe Illustrator. For the first couple weeks I will plan on getting the whole basic picture done, and for the last week or two I will try to work on shading. The above pictures are inspiring to me because they display images that are similar to the one I took and will actually use.

Flash Animation Video

I made a video of a woman walking through the rain, as a cloud followed along over her head. While doing this project, I had some difficulties. For example, I was quite confused at first about how to make anything move and look normal, but after spending some extra time with Mrs. Oliveri helping me, I understood better on how to work on Flash. I originally planned to put bones in each leg, but that wasn’t working, and it wasn’t necessary for the legs to walk pretty normally, so I just left the legs alone. The rain took a little while to function correctly, but I figured it out. And lastly, I used the lady in the video from a previous project I had done and the rain was part of a project that Gavin had done, so credit to him ๐Ÿ™‚

Flash Animation Idea

My idea for the flash animation is to do a fun mini-game like the seal and the fruit. There will be a person with a raincoat and umbrella and rain will be falling. I am going to either make the person catch bonus point raindrops in their mouth, try to run around to other people and cover them from the rain with the umbrella, or try to quickly put up their umbrella before bonus point raindrops hit themselves.ย 

Package Redesign



Actual Package:

diet snapple

I redesigned the package for a diet snapple because I like to drink snapple and I thought it would be fun to try a new theme/flavor. The new flavor I used was starfruit tea, and the package colors were mainly green and yellow (starfruit colors).
As I continued working, my original idea changed. At first I was just going to do a greenish-yellow background and use straight, symmetric lines, but in the end, I did a bluish-green trim at the bottom, and the typeface and lines I used looked more handwritten than perfectly symmetric. I tried to stick to the descriptions pretty closely, but I did change some words to make it fit the star theme more. I used words like “stellar” and “universe” in the descriptions on the bottle and put a yellow orb like the sun or a glow behind the main starfruit below the title.

Digital Painting – Salad


As I continued to work on my painting, a few things changed. My original picture was of a whole bowl of salad, but I soon realized that it was way too much to paint, so I zoomed in on a small part of the salad. Also, I planned on making the pieces of lettuce contrast a lot (even though they are similar colors), but in the end the salad pieces are all almost the same colors and I just put a dark green background to fill the extra spaces.
I did art class from seventh to ninth grade at my old school and we did a lot of painting in it. Making the digital painting was quite different from painting in real life because if I made a mistake on an actual painting I had to go over it but I wasn’t able to actually undo the mistake like on Photoshop. I think that it was easier to do an actual painting because it wasn’t as complicated as Photoshop because there weren’t a ton of tools to use and stuff like that. It is also easier to blend colors in a real painting.
My favorite part of the digital salad painting is the peppers because they really stand out from the rest of the picture, and I like how it is easy to tell that the the whitish glint on the lower red pepper is a glint.
If I could go back, I would probably make the crouton look better and the big red pepper not as swirly because those are the two parts that look the least realistic to me.

My Inspiration

My inspiration right now is a Nike commercial that came out last year of a boy running and a narrator talking about greatness being earned, not inborn. I find this commercial inspirational because it shows that it is never to late to do something great, no matter who you are. I could incorporate the video into my next art project (digital painting) by doing something new that I’ve never done before. For example, I will probably use a picture of salad for the background, but it can be an extraordinarily awesome-looking and delicious salad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Typeface Illustration

Paszko_typeFACE Paszko_typeFACE


One thing I noticed about my face while doing this project is that my the colors in my hair are very difficult to find an exact color of on the color palette. I think it was easier to do my face because I already know so well what the features on my face look like, so it wasn’t as hard to think of letters or glyphs to use that would fit the features on my face. I chose to use the Zapfino font because I like the cursive fonts, and the letters looked especially good outlining my hat. Lastly, I chose the green background because it contrasts well with all the colors on the face and it is also a calming color, which I like. And I chose the face colors because I tried to use colors the closest to the actual picture, except for the eyes and mouth; I ย  couldn’t find a good color for the mouth, so I used pink, and I liked how the eye colors looked and contrasted with the background.

Evening of the Arts Postcard

Paszko_Postcard Paszko_Postcard2



My original idea for the postcard was to have a white background and make the words colorful. I was also going to use the same pictures on the postcard as I did on the poster, but that didn’t end up happening (except for the playground picture).

The original postcard idea changed as I worked when I began to place the pictures. I tried a black background and the pictures looked really good on it. Then I used white words and those also contrasted well on top of the pictures and black background. And it was basically finished! I think that plain and simple was the way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

I like the finished product a lot. It is simple yet the colors contrast well, and the slanted words fill more space. I am pleased with how the postcard looks.

Two posters

cadburys1ย  ย  ย ย 747small

I really like these two posters because they have colors that are easy on the eyes (and the words contrast well against the background), ย they both get the point across with a few words, and the actual pictures that the words or lines make are very cool. For example, the chocolate poster shows milk spilling on the words at the top, and it gives the impression that the milk runs over the words and into the milk river at the bottom. The horizontal fire is very plain, yet quite eye-catching at the same time; the path that follows the plane forms an “F” (because of horizontal fire), and the words sit on the letter, not using up any more space than needed.

On my poster, I am going to try to have good spacing and not make it look crammed. Also, I am going to stick to two fonts throughout the whole poster and make sure that the word colors are easy to read.