I had a really hard time with this. I was originally going to use photoshop to save time and make the process easier. Though I was told that I couldn’t do that so I start about 3 days late. I used the pen tool to make the lines so that I could write on it. I just wrote “Omar Franceschi” and made it kind of abstract. I didn’t make a nose or lips which makes it pop out more in my option. You can still tell that it’s a face because of the eye.




While working on this project, i noticed that making my mouth was kind of difficult. Making my eyes and making them not look creepy was also kind of difficult. The hair was pretty easy because i have short hair and the blotches under my eyes also not very difficult.

For the blotches under my eyes i used the ESPN font and for the other parts of my face i used a sports jersey font. The eyes are zeros in between parenthesis. The outline of my head is also a sports jersey font but really shrunken down. I like sports a lot so i figured sports fonts would fit rather well.

For the color i just left it black and white except for my eyes which i made brown. I like how it kind of makes my eyes stand out and i think it looks cool.

type FACE

type face

For this project I found that is difficult to make my nose and mouth. I tried several ways to make it looks real but not ugly.

I used one font for most of my project. I chose this font because I think this font have a really good curve. It’s easy to make it real.

The colors I used are black and white. I used another way to make the glasses of my friend, and got a really effect of the difference.





While working on this project, I noticed that my face, or any face is really difficult to depict in a drawing or typeface work. In this photo, I am laughing with an open mouth, which made hard for me to find a proper character(s) to use for it. Glasses are really difficult as well. Making sure that the eyes and lenses look good together was one of the things that I wanted to make sure looked the best.

I used the font Cochin. I used Cochin because I liked how it looked- it’s a serif, and I particularly like how it looks on the ears, with the “G” I used. It is nice and it stands out. Serif is difficult because it has the little “tags” on the ends of the characters, but I made it work.

I didn’t have this vision int he beginning, of the white with only the tie being colored. But I think it really stands out. In past work, like during critiques, Ms. Oliveri asks us “what aspect of the piece does you eye go to first?” And that’s what I tried to do it this piece. The tie is what your eye is suppose to go to first. It’s also my favorite part of the typeface.

Typeface Illustration (Self-Portrait)


My goal for this assignment was to make it look as real as possible while ticking to the type-only requirement.

I did many of the shapes using parentheses and hyphens (such as the lips, eyeliner, and lashes). The iris and pupil of my eye are both lower case “o”, and for my hair and eyebrows, I used a lower case “l”. The blue exclamation points (that are somewhat mixed in with the hair) are my headphones.

My friend told me that I have a “I don’t care” quality about my face (which I agree with) and I wanted to show that a bit. Because that’s how I roll.


Typeface Illustration

Paszko_typeFACE Paszko_typeFACE


One thing I noticed about my face while doing this project is that my the colors in my hair are very difficult to find an exact color of on the color palette. I think it was easier to do my face because I already know so well what the features on my face look like, so it wasn’t as hard to think of letters or glyphs to use that would fit the features on my face. I chose to use the Zapfino font because I like the cursive fonts, and the letters looked especially good outlining my hat. Lastly, I chose the green background because it contrasts well with all the colors on the face and it is also a calming color, which I like. And I chose the face colors because I tried to use colors the closest to the actual picture, except for the eyes and mouth; I   couldn’t find a good color for the mouth, so I used pink, and I liked how the eye colors looked and contrasted with the background.

TypeFace Self Portrait


While I was working on this project, I noticed that my face was more of an oval shape. At first, I thought it would make the project harder, but it actually was easier to show the oval shape then I think it would have been if it was more round. I think this because the parenthesis fit the shape of my face well.

For my hair, I used “s” and “c” because I think it showed the curls well. I think the curves in the letters were about the same of my actual curls in the original picture.

For the whole picture I incorporated the colors from the original photo into the typeface. I thought all the colors went together well and blended together well. My original idea was to just color my hair and nothing else, but then the black in my face was too bold and stood out too much.



What I was going for with this picture was to put all of the things that stand out about my appearance into one piece. I always have some kind of crazy coloured hair, my favourite of which was when I had it blue. People called it mermaid hair and I took that and made it into the strands of hair. I took speak and put it to my lips because I tend to rant for hours on end. I never stop speaking. My eyes are a weird part of me that I have gotten comments about my entire life. They are big, weird shaped, and they change colours. The shadow is supposed to represent my love for makeup and cosmetology. I also had to add my butt chin because thats a thing. I personally like the one with the white background better but you guys can just let me know what you think.