Butterfly Painting

992px-Viceroy_Butterfly Bilinski_BFLY



For my final project, i decided to do a digital painting again. I had a hard time getting the hang of photoshop the first time we used it in class, so I wanted to challenge myself and try to learn the program a little better. The original photo is on the left. I was going to just do the painting all the same colors at first, but then as I started working I realized that I didn’t like how it looked. I wanted the picture to be a little more bright and springy so I ended up using different shades of blue that looked nice together. The biggest obstacle I had was making the black lines look the way I wanted them. It was hard to make all the lines look neat. I was also going to put leaves in the picture like they were in the original, but when I stared to do it, I had a hard time making them look realistic. I also tried to make it look like the butterfly had landed on grass, but I didn’t like that either, so I ended up just making polka dots in the background. I think everything contrasts well. I really like how my project turned out. I feel like I was able to do a better job on this painting then I was able to do on my other digital painting.


Final Project Proposal



For my project, i am going to do a digital painting of a butterfly in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I thought to paint a butterfly because i’ve seen a lot of butterflies around lately and it reminds me of spring. It seems to fit well. I like both of these butterflies because they seem like they would be complex and would take me the remaining time in class. I’m going to make the butterfly the centerpiece and then blur out the background. The first picture is inspiring to me because the orange is extremely bright and pops. I really like the second picture also because there are a lot of different colors that are combined and there is a unique design on the wings.

Bowling Animation

For my animation I decided to make a bowling alley. I thought it would be really hard and complex, but it was more of really small steps and a few obstacles. The biggest problem I had was figuring out how to make the bowling ball look realistic. At first it was just to figure out how to make it look 3-D and then after I figured out how to do it, I had the make the ball get smaller and smaller as it rolled down the lane. To fix the 3-D issue, I used a gradient and made the ball look brighter near one surface of the ball. To make the ball gradually get smaller, I added more keyframes in and just made the ball a little smaller at each keyframe. Making the bowling pins go flying was pretty simple because I just added a rotation to them. Overall, I am happy with the outcome of my project.

Lotion Re-design



original design





I decided to base my re-design on breast cancer awareness. At first, i tried to make the design more simple, but then as i worked i realized that the original design was already pretty simple. I changed my idea of making the design more simple to just changing up little parts of the design itself. For the font, i chose ‘Dakota Handwriting’ because it looked as if someone wrote out the words with the lotion. I changed the scent of the lotion to passionfruit because it represented the passion for helping cure cancer patients. I used the same general idea that was on the original design with the fruit and just made a simpler version of a passionfruit.

Flash Animation Proposal

I thought i would do something that is simple since i’ve never used flash before. My proposal is to make an animation of a bowling ball rolling down the lane and striking out.

The Hot Air Balloon




As I was painting this, my idea changed for how I wanted it to look. At first, I used the eye dropper tool to find the exact color for every part, but then as I was looking at it, I noticed that none of the colors were really going well together. To fix this, I started to follow a pattern with the colors so that all of the colors went together.

I have painted in real life in previous art classes and on pottery. I liked virtually painting a lot better than painting with real paint. It was easier to paint virtually, because you can zoom into the picture more than you can in real life. It’s also easier because the paint on the computer isn’t runny and messy. Virtually painting was a little harder in the sense that when you zoom in too far, you cant see the picture well.

My favorite part of this picture would have to be the bottom of the balloon leading down to the basket. This is my favorite part because it looks so realistic and neat.

If I could go back and change anything, I would change the background. I would maybe make the background a little more detailed. I wanted to show a few clouds in the background, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it look as realistic as it did in the original photo.


My inspiration is the Avon walk for breast cancer commercial. It is inspiring to me because i’ve had relatives who have had breast cancer. It was a really rough time, and the commercials pushing for awareness will always be important to me. I could incorporate this into my next project or even maybe my next few projects. I could do this by maybe making the main theme of the photoshop painting about breast cancer awareness, or for the packaging design, i could make the box be from a foundation for breast cancer. I could also add on the box that all the proceeds go to a foundation for breast cancer. This could be incorporated into many projects in many different ways.

TypeFace Self Portrait


While I was working on this project, I noticed that my face was more of an oval shape. At first, I thought it would make the project harder, but it actually was easier to show the oval shape then I think it would have been if it was more round. I think this because the parenthesis fit the shape of my face well.

For my hair, I used “s” and “c” because I think it showed the curls well. I think the curves in the letters were about the same of my actual curls in the original picture.

For the whole picture I incorporated the colors from the original photo into the typeface. I thought all the colors went together well and blended together well. My original idea was to just color my hair and nothing else, but then the black in my face was too bold and stood out too much.

Evening of the Arts Post Card


My original idea for this project was to have the pictures look like a staircase going from the right to the left of the postcard. As i worked on it, i changed my idea because i found that i couldn’t fit everything on the postcard in a way that it wouldn’t look too busy. I think the end result turned out how i wanted it to. I like how simple, but colorful it turned out.

Time is Ticking



I liked this poster because of the simplicity. The whole picture kind of leaves you to decipher the picture how you want. There are several different parts of the picture that make it interesting. There is drop shadow under the triangles that makes the picture stand out in my eyes. This poster is very open to different ideas. I could use this to help enhance my EOA design in many ways. One being that I can take the idea of simplicity and use it. Instead of making my design very elaborate and full and busy, I can make it simple and appealing to the eye.