Ken_K & D

Ok. Those are my final project! And as you can see, I wanted to make a poster (/some posters), and this time I wanted to make the poster which is not usually and ordinary. I wanted to make the poster which could give a great impression, not only limited at visual part , when you see it at the first time.

The first poster is a man sit on the chair and wondering and suddenly got inspired. And this is salutes to tilting the chair.

And the second one is a little bit creepy, which is what I wanted it to be.

Credit: Thanks for Davey Jarrell’s beautiful drawing.


Immortal Grasses


“What dosen’t kill you makes you stronger.” Nothing can really kill you, they just can make you stronger.Like the grass, growing every year when spring comes.

Flash Animation Proposal

Wel, I not quite sure what i’m gonna make. The last time I used it was 5 years ago. But I think I’m gonna do a plant growing one in the field or garden maybe.

Packaging Redesign

Ken_PCD photo (1)

.Everybody loves cookie ( At least I think so), and I wanna make the cookie more eyes catching and more fashionable. So I used the red and the blue to make the package have the very strong feeling.

Amazing Campaign Design.

I saw those cool pictures on the website, so….

“Russian advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi was commissioned to develop this amazing image and press campaign for the Schusev State Museum of Architecture Moscow. The creative team of Polonski Yuri and Demakov Anton created this stunning effect of buildings, which still extend further into the earth. For more images check out here.”



St. Basil’s Cathedral – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign

Seven Sisters – Moscow State University – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign

Bolshoi Theatre – Schusev State Museum of Architecture – Image and Press Campaign


via designyoutrust

Ken’s Digital Painting

Ken_Digital Painting

I took this photo in the autumn last year which is in 2012, and i took placed in the countryside. I even could feel and almost could smell that golden autumn in the air. And as what grandma always tell in the story during that glory little tale age. Mr. Fox will walk into your dream while you’re drooling.

Looking, Eyes, Sight.

I love this one, because that have really good ideas, which connected to the future and hacking. And what really impressed is all the little details, on the wall and fridge. The way they decorate  the house, simple but with details. And a the first scene he’s shorts, couch and carpet are matching with the color. And when he cut the cucumber there’s Chinese at the left-up conner . And different fonts in different situation.

Dai_Postcard For EOA


Well, I wanted the bottom like the music volume. top like the melted chocolate dropping . And then I changed them in little bubbles, because i want them like more  kinetic. So it become how it looks like now.


Eye-catching poster



I think this one is really great, especially at the typography part. The title integrated in the falling stars. Made this poster tranquil and full of kinetic. The sky with the gouden star makes you fell inner peace. I think  I should try to make the font of the title actually blends in the poster.

picture via Kina Grannis