final project outcome

claudia bat

I initially wanted to do a big collage of myself but ended up doing a digital painting inspired by my friend Claudia. I wanted to make my girl creepy but also beautiful – as well as to make her have many non-cliché features.

I based her on my friend claudia for a couple reasons. Claudia has alopecia, so she cannot grow hair (I think just on her head, she has eyelashes though) but she doesn’t need it. She is beautiful in her own special way, and she has a great and very unique look on life. She also really enjoys piercings and the more alternative look which i tried to interpret as well.

the only thing i didnt take from her is she isnt scary skinny or a vampire. so yeah.



Final Project Proposal

For my final project i am going to do a deluxe digital painting. It is going to be a collaboration of pictures of me with every different hair color ive ever had.  It is going to be similar to a collage except a painting. The pictures will be arranged in a rainbow. they will have little frames around them too. I will do this with a tablet in photoshop. Being that i want to include at least three pictures i have no doubt that it will take the whole three weeks


My video thingy

so for my animation i decided to make a series of sharks swimming in the ocean. They arent colored but i kinda like it because of the contrast to the background. 

Flash Animation Proposal.

For my project i would like to do a short 30-60 sec rotation of fish swimming in the ocean similar to that of those fish nightlights where it looks like the fish are swimming around under the sea (photo for reference a lot of people dont know what that is). the fish will move organically and also move from left to right .

version 2

SAM_7375 cropped


the top image is my package redesign i did for urban decay’s naked palette. I wanted to stick to the theme of the makeup which is earthy, shimmering, metallic tones. most of these colors are bronze and taupe based which i kept strongly in my design. i wanted it to look like it was stamped into like a piece of bent, rusting metal, while keeping the elegant look.  the bottom image is the original package. enjoy.




So this is my cat.

Originally this was just a picture of my cat laying on the couch looking majestic as per usual.

I started off with the face. I never made it all a solid color and then added on, i did every block of color at the same time and then blended it with the rest of the pieces. After I did all the different blocks of color, i went back and did the eye, the white patch, and the whiskers. Then after that I did the background and the couch. it didnt really change as i went around, but it ended up a lot blockier than id originally hoped.

I have a lot of experience with painting on paper which i think helped with the actual shaping and the layering. However it didnt help at all with the blending or really anything else. the tablet really threw me off at first because i dont have very good hand eye coordination. But in the end i did finish the piece and it was amazing and yeah.

my favorite part is his eye. it was a lot of fun to paint because its made up of three layers and many many colors but youd never be able to tell.

id probably change his front paws if i could because they arent very distinct.

What am I looking at?

mail-4 mail mail-1 mail-2 mail-3


The lovely lady you see in the first picture is a friend of mine named Mary. Mary is 2o years old, a single mom, and living in Southern California. Mary has been an amazing friend to me and has offered advice that has helped me through several road blocks in my life. She’s so wise and very, very talented. While she raises 2 year old Aura, Mary makes some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen. She paints, she draws, she uses illustrator, she makes clay models, she does EVERYTHING. She even does posters and paintings for commission. Mary is an inspiration to me because she somehow juggles a stressful, busy home life, and also finds time to make art and be a happy person and an amazing friend. I’ll link her website if you guys are interested.



What I was going for with this picture was to put all of the things that stand out about my appearance into one piece. I always have some kind of crazy coloured hair, my favourite of which was when I had it blue. People called it mermaid hair and I took that and made it into the strands of hair. I took speak and put it to my lips because I tend to rant for hours on end. I never stop speaking. My eyes are a weird part of me that I have gotten comments about my entire life. They are big, weird shaped, and they change colours. The shadow is supposed to represent my love for makeup and cosmetology. I also had to add my butt chin because thats a thing. I personally like the one with the white background better but you guys can just let me know what you think.


EOA POSTCARD   My original idea for this was very different from what you see here. I wanted to block everything into its own little windows and include a lot more student artwork. But I ended up finding a poster that I really liked that I wanted to make my own that was totally black and white and included several different fonts and shapes and textures. S0 I took that idea and I put my own twist to it. I really like the end result of this and even though I wasn’t too enthusiastic about changing it in the beginning I think I like the end result better than the original idea.

Typographic Posters to Influence EOA Project

I was particularly fond of two pictures as I scrolled through, but one of them I did not find relevant to the topic.


Though I think  that this piece is amazing, I don’t see any typography in it in the slightest and don’t know what it is trying to advertise specifically.

A piece that I found extremely relevant and at the same time very useful was this piece nya:



This poster is simple, elegant, and clearly displays the idea that it is trying to advertise.