What Inspires Me?

This video is a jordan commercial about two kids from very different parts of the world. One boy is from china and the other is from America. Both boys have a great love for basketball and strive to be the best. The video shows the boys as they go through their basketball careers. They become rivals and are constantly pushing each other to become better and achieve success. At the end of the video both men go up for the alley oop, one trying to dunk it in and the other trying to knock it away. It is kind of up to you to decide who wins.
This video inspires me because i think it kind of shows it doesnt matter where your from or what ethnicity you are. You can achieve great things not only in basketball but in life too no matter where your from. I think it shows that if you work hard enough and put in a lot of effort, you can do anything.

I could use this video by kind of making the theme of my digital painting piece “No matter where your from you can do anything” or something like that.


What Inspires Me?

This is a video about a special needs kid who plays basketball. He was never given the chance to ever get into the game, but this time he did, and went for the gold.
This video is inspiring to me because I can relate to it. I have a special needs brother, and I know how it feels. Many people do not give disabled people the chance to do something that may be difficult for them. And many times, other “regular” people like you and me, pick on them for it. And this kid was given the chance– by the other team no less!!

This is truly inspiring to me. The fact that the person from the other team let him not only score, but win the game, is uplifting. I sometimes think that our world only accepts perfection, meaning if you are overweight or have a mental or physical disability, for example. But this kid proved me wrong.

I think I will try to, for say the packaging design, use this for inspiration to make a package for a product, say a video game designed for disabled kids, or toy for disabled kids. This will be a good thing to put to use, because, many disabled kids cannot play with the toys we can, or have the brain capacity we have to play a video game.