Final Project

For my final project of my 9th grade Digital Art year :(, I decided to do another digital painting. As with my other painting, I took on the challenging task of painting a person, however, this time, in black and white. This brought new challenges to me because the colors are so similar and making sure they did not blend together was difficult. The background color was a challenge for me. It is not the same as in the photo because, as I mentioned, the color blended too much with the shirt.

In my original proposal, I thought I would add a creepy eye-drip effect on my painting, kind of like Alex’s (Bollywood’s Best Grumpy Cat) demon-like depiction of Julie. Yet, I wanted to keep this painting pure, and I didn’t like having a creepy effect on such a nice photo. if I did take that approach, however, I would have possibly made the drips be a different color (or an actual color/not black and white), to make them pop.

I’m glad I did another digital painting for my final project. With the limited time I had, as I worked on my Flash Animation project for what seemed like forever, I wanted to do something I knew how to do. I am also glad I took Digital Art. This was such a great class. Although MANY challenges were put upon me, I tried my best to fix them and became a more patient person, in my eyes. Thank you, Mrs. Oliveri for all your help throughout the year. I really appreciate it and can’t wait for another class with you!!

P.S. I will add the photo/final outcome later. It wouldn’t let me upload it…?



The monster Julie has been released and is out for blood. Mwuhahaha. I had a lot of fun making this Digital Painting. I used the dodge and burn tool along with the sponge and smudge to for color and blending. I ended up creepier than expected. I started with only her face as a rag doll, but as the piece progressed i decided to do the entire body.


Final Project



This is my final project,  using the digital painting to paint a picture that I have done before.  I like the way come out and the different layers for the hair.  I am happy now is done!

Butterfly Painting

992px-Viceroy_Butterfly Bilinski_BFLY



For my final project, i decided to do a digital painting again. I had a hard time getting the hang of photoshop the first time we used it in class, so I wanted to challenge myself and try to learn the program a little better. The original photo is on the left. I was going to just do the painting all the same colors at first, but then as I started working I realized that I didn’t like how it looked. I wanted the picture to be a little more bright and springy so I ended up using different shades of blue that looked nice together. The biggest obstacle I had was making the black lines look the way I wanted them. It was hard to make all the lines look neat. I was also going to put leaves in the picture like they were in the original, but when I stared to do it, I had a hard time making them look realistic. I also tried to make it look like the butterfly had landed on grass, but I didn’t like that either, so I ended up just making polka dots in the background. I think everything contrasts well. I really like how my project turned out. I feel like I was able to do a better job on this painting then I was able to do on my other digital painting.

Final Project Proposal

I am gonna use photoshop to digital painting a picture that I draw before.  I want to make this project because I like painting and I like do my project using photoshop.  I think I will finish my painting in this week and do something different in the next two weeks.

This is the picture that I draw before.0

Final Project Proposal



For my project, i am going to do a digital painting of a butterfly in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I thought to paint a butterfly because i’ve seen a lot of butterflies around lately and it reminds me of spring. It seems to fit well. I like both of these butterflies because they seem like they would be complex and would take me the remaining time in class. I’m going to make the butterfly the centerpiece and then blur out the background. The first picture is inspiring to me because the orange is extremely bright and pops. I really like the second picture also because there are a lot of different colors that are combined and there is a unique design on the wings.

Digital painting Final Proposal

DSC_0024 DSC_0028

I am planning to do a digital painting in photoshop. I would like it to be a picture of nature and I think since it is Spring I will do a picture of a flower just like my first project. The first week I plan to do some erasing and the second week painting, the third week painting and retouching.

Final Project Proposal

For my final project i am going to do a deluxe digital painting. It is going to be a collaboration of pictures of me with every different hair color ive ever had.  It is going to be similar to a collage except a painting. The pictures will be arranged in a rainbow. they will have little frames around them too. I will do this with a tablet in photoshop. Being that i want to include at least three pictures i have no doubt that it will take the whole three weeks


Final Proposal

I will be doing a hand drawing of Aria T’Loak (Mass Effect 2) ad then doing a digital painting of that drawing. Because she’s my favorite. Heh.

I will be using Photoshop CS6 to do the digital painting. My plan is to use up as much time as possible to make my digital painting as detailed as possible.

Here are some nice pictures of her:




She’s not taking any lip today.


Final Project Proposal

Choose something that we have already done or something new. Your choices are:

  • digital painting
  • app design
  • web design
  • animation
  • poster design
  • typeFACE
  • package design
  • anything from semester 1

For your proposal you will need the following information. 2 paragraph minimum.

  1. What is your idea? Why do you want to make it?
  2. What program will you use?
  3. What will you do for each of the 3-4 weeks? What is your plan?
  4. 2-3 inspiring images. Explain why they are inspiring to you.