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Ok. Those are my final project! And as you can see, I wanted to make a poster (/some posters), and this time I wanted to make the poster which is not usually and ordinary. I wanted to make the poster which could give a great impression, not only limited at visual part , when you see it at the first time.

The first poster is a man sit on the chair and wondering and suddenly got inspired. And this is salutes to tilting the chair.

And the second one is a little bit creepy, which is what I wanted it to be.

Credit: Thanks for Davey Jarrell’s beautiful drawing.


Flash Animation

The final flash is really different then the idea that I first came out. I was planing to make a flash about basketball, then I realized that the whole story I will make is too long, so I changed my idea and made this wired video. I am not so satisfied with this one, but anyway I finished, so I am glad.

Aria T’loak: Digital Painting

Aria T'loak: Digital Painting

Behold, Aria T’loak! Took me a while, but it’s done! Really glad it’s done now.

Aria T’loak and Mass Effect © BioWare.

Butterfly Painting

992px-Viceroy_Butterfly Bilinski_BFLY



For my final project, i decided to do a digital painting again. I had a hard time getting the hang of photoshop the first time we used it in class, so I wanted to challenge myself and try to learn the program a little better. The original photo is on the left. I was going to just do the painting all the same colors at first, but then as I started working I realized that I didn’t like how it looked. I wanted the picture to be a little more bright and springy so I ended up using different shades of blue that looked nice together. The biggest obstacle I had was making the black lines look the way I wanted them. It was hard to make all the lines look neat. I was also going to put leaves in the picture like they were in the original, but when I stared to do it, I had a hard time making them look realistic. I also tried to make it look like the butterfly had landed on grass, but I didn’t like that either, so I ended up just making polka dots in the background. I think everything contrasts well. I really like how my project turned out. I feel like I was able to do a better job on this painting then I was able to do on my other digital painting.

Feeling bored?

Here’s a fun idea: follow this link to the Pokemon Fusion site.  Fuse together two pokemon, find a cool combination, and then try to draw/paint your creation!

Some cool examples (courtesy of tumblr):





Final Project Proposal

211005_3075592_i il_570xN.386244740_4ybp bjork-eyesFinal.Project.Pic

For my final project, I plan to take a photo from an old AC yearbook, and scan it in and do a digital painting of it using Abobe Photoshop CS6. I will try to make this digital painting different from my last one of my sister, by possibly adding more layers and using the opacity to make blemishes and other features of the face more prominent. I may also use a watercolor feature in photoshop, like shown in the other photos. The photo of Marilyn Monroe is my inspiration, because of the clean lines and the shadows being used appropriately,  really making the painting look more realistic.

(The photo of the boy eating the cupcake is the image I plan to use for the painting)

Final Project Proposal

I am gonna use photoshop to digital painting a picture that I draw before.  I want to make this project because I like painting and I like do my project using photoshop.  I think I will finish my painting in this week and do something different in the next two weeks.

This is the picture that I draw before.0


So, as you may know, i love basketball. Originally i was going to have someone dribble and dunk a basketball into the hoop i drew but i realized that that would take too long considering how long it took to draw the court and the hoop. I decided to just do an animation of a basketball going into the hoop and i like the way it turned out.

Flash Animation Project

I am finally done!! This project was very challenging for me, even though this is beginners work. Making the wheels turn was the most challenging part for me. Once I figured it out, however, it was easy. I learned from this project how to use other resources to find information on how to do things in Flash. Using the internet and classroom peers were ways I problem solved. I would have liked to make headlights and taillights turn on, but after the tedious work I did to make the wheels turn and for the background color to change, I was finished.

I enjoyed this project , even though it was challenging. It made me use my resources and taught me how to use a new program. I would have liked to get more skills on how to use adobe flash in the beginning, but maybe that was the point to not give us any help.

Package Design


Package Design

This package design is a remix from a nike shoe box. I was going to go with another design which had a picture behind the nike sign of a skateboarder but it didn’t look right. The font was too thin and the background was white. So I just left it black which fit better.

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