How to export your Flash movie?


  1. Your Flash file must be saved on your desktop
  2. File > Export > Export Movie
  3. Give your movie a name
  4. Choose Format: Quicktime
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on “Quicktime Settings”
  7. Click on “Video Settings”
  8. Choose “Best” then click “OK”
  9. Click “Export”
  10. Please let me know when you are finished and Airdrop the file to me
    To access airdrop go to a new finder window > Airdrop (left column)

If that FAILS…


  1. Airdrop your flash file to me
  2. I will export it to a .mov file on my computer

I will upload the .mov file to YouTube for you and email you the link. You can then create a blog post with the video and a summary of your experience working in Flash!


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