At first it didn’t look like much because I would paint one part at a time, but once I got and entire area done then it really started to look like the picture. It has been a long time since the last time I painted a picture, but I don’t think they are the same. With the sketchpad and the pen you can have any color you want without having to rinse out a color. On the computer if you make a mistake you can just erase it and try again, but with a canvas and paintbrush you can’t do that. I think having the picture as a template was very nice because I had a guide so I knew what I was doing. It was hard to get used to the sketchpad but after you’ve used for a while it gets easier, (I actually enjoy using it now). I think my favorite part was seeing the finished product because it looks amazing. If I had used a canvas and paintbrush it would not have looked as great. If I could change something I think it would be the quality. The finished product is nice, but there are some areas where the painting quality is wonky. Other than that I really like the colors and how it turned out.


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