Digital Painting – Salad


As I continued to work on my painting, a few things changed. My original picture was of a whole bowl of salad, but I soon realized that it was way too much to paint, so I zoomed in on a small part of the salad. Also, I planned on making the pieces of lettuce contrast a lot (even though they are similar colors), but in the end the salad pieces are all almost the same colors and I just put a dark green background to fill the extra spaces.
I did art class from seventh to ninth grade at my old school and we did a lot of painting in it. Making the digital painting was quite different from painting in real life because if I made a mistake on an actual painting I had to go over it but I wasn’t able to actually undo the mistake like on Photoshop. I think that it was easier to do an actual painting because it wasn’t as complicated as Photoshop because there weren’t a ton of tools to use and stuff like that. It is also easier to blend colors in a real painting.
My favorite part of the digital salad painting is the peppers because they really stand out from the rest of the picture, and I like how it is easy to tell that the the whitish glint on the lower red pepper is a glint.
If I could go back, I would probably make the crouton look better and the big red pepper not as swirly because those are the two parts that look the least realistic to me.


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