So this is my cat.

Originally this was just a picture of my cat laying on the couch looking majestic as per usual.

I started off with the face. I never made it all a solid color and then added on, i did every block of color at the same time and then blended it with the rest of the pieces. After I did all the different blocks of color, i went back and did the eye, the white patch, and the whiskers. Then after that I did the background and the couch. it didnt really change as i went around, but it ended up a lot blockier than id originally hoped.

I have a lot of experience with painting on paper which i think helped with the actual shaping and the layering. However it didnt help at all with the blending or really anything else. the tablet really threw me off at first because i dont have very good hand eye coordination. But in the end i did finish the piece and it was amazing and yeah.

my favorite part is his eye. it was a lot of fun to paint because its made up of three layers and many many colors but youd never be able to tell.

id probably change his front paws if i could because they arent very distinct.


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