While working on this project, I noticed that my face, or any face is really difficult to depict in a drawing or typeface work. In this photo, I am laughing with an open mouth, which made hard for me to find a proper character(s) to use for it. Glasses are really difficult as well. Making sure that the eyes and lenses look good together was one of the things that I wanted to make sure looked the best.

I used the font Cochin. I used Cochin because I liked how it looked- it’s a serif, and I particularly like how it looks on the ears, with the “G” I used. It is nice and it stands out. Serif is difficult because it has the little “tags” on the ends of the characters, but I made it work.

I didn’t have this vision int he beginning, of the white with only the tie being colored. But I think it really stands out. In past work, like during critiques, Ms. Oliveri asks us “what aspect of the piece does you eye go to first?” And that’s what I tried to do it this piece. The tie is what your eye is suppose to go to first. It’s also my favorite part of the typeface.


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