Typeface Illustration

Paszko_typeFACE Paszko_typeFACE


One thing I noticed about my face while doing this project is that my the colors in my hair are very difficult to find an exact color of on the color palette. I think it was easier to do my face because I already know so well what the features on my face look like, so it wasn’t as hard to think of letters or glyphs to use that would fit the features on my face. I chose to use the Zapfino font because I like the cursive fonts, and the letters looked especially good outlining my hat. Lastly, I chose the green background because it contrasts well with all the colors on the face and it is also a calming color, which I like. And I chose the face colors because I tried to use colors the closest to the actual picture, except for the eyes and mouth; I   couldn’t find a good color for the mouth, so I used pink, and I liked how the eye colors looked and contrasted with the background.


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