EOA POSTCARD   My original idea for this was very different from what you see here. I wanted to block everything into its own little windows and include a lot more student artwork. But I ended up finding a poster that I really liked that I wanted to make my own that was totally black and white and included several different fonts and shapes and textures. S0 I took that idea and I put my own twist to it. I really like the end result of this and even though I wasn’t too enthusiastic about changing it in the beginning I think I like the end result better than the original idea.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Ky I like your postcard. It looks like a circus poster to me because of the “Evening of the Arts” font. I think the shapes in the background are nice too. I’m kind of wondering where your pictures are though. I would suggest making the shapes even darker so that there is an bigger contrast and it fits better with the black and white theme.

  2. Kieley- this is really nice. Your work really metaphorically represents the school (shapes, etc.) I do, however, agree with Mukuundo and “towblerone” (??). The pictures would be nice to see, as they were part of the assignment and they add some color into the piece. But really nice job!

  3. I like the font of the letters – it almost makes it seems like “Evening of the Arts” is western 🙂 But then, I don’t think the event is supposed to be western themed, so maybe a different font would be better.

  4. I like the front of the postcard. Good job! This design and idea is really different than others. The font that you chose are very good.

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