Evening of the Arts Postcard

Paszko_Postcard Paszko_Postcard2



My original idea for the postcard was to have a white background and make the words colorful. I was also going to use the same pictures on the postcard as I did on the poster, but that didn’t end up happening (except for the playground picture).

The original postcard idea changed as I worked when I began to place the pictures. I tried a black background and the pictures looked really good on it. Then I used white words and those also contrasted well on top of the pictures and black background. And it was basically finished! I think that plain and simple was the way to go 🙂

I like the finished product a lot. It is simple yet the colors contrast well, and the slanted words fill more space. I am pleased with how the postcard looks.


4 thoughts on “Evening of the Arts Postcard

  1. This is really nice, Emily. I agree with the simplicity of it, and the way you utilized the space. I learned in my project that not using all the space is still ok. So looking at your piece, it gives me ideas for the future. I am not sure if I like the black background, however. But if you like it, that’s great. Really nice job overall!

  2. I really like how simple this is. It is very organized and incorporates pictures on both sides, which i love. Maybe you could add a little more to it or make the font the same for everything.

  3. Like everyone else, i like simplicity of the design. I think the postcard looks awesome. My only suggestion would be to change the background color.

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