EOA Postcard

EOA_Postcard_back EOA_Postcard_front

The assignment was to create a postcard for Evening of the Arts, a night where art and music from all three divisions are displayed and performed for all to see. The postcard is sent out to the Allendale Columbia School family.

My original idea for the project was to have Evening of the Arts at the top, and pictures below the type– a very symmetrical design. I also was going to have small type in the background too, but it was too colorful.

My idea evolved when i noticed everything was too crammed and colorful. I guess I went too far with the color. So I made the cover (arts, arts, etc) a larger text, and all one color. The back side, I used the large “arts” text in the background, and the pictures and text color boxes.

I think my end result came out very well. I actually feel really confident about it, and think it’s one of my best pieces this year. Overall, I learned that simplicity is key- you do not have to fill the entire space!


6 thoughts on “EOA Postcard

  1. The blue really stands out, it compliments the text in the cover of the design. The font that you chose was a really nice touch and the blue gradient was also a good idea.

  2. I love the blues and how its a bit disorganized in a cool way. Only suggestion would be to do something to the text in the blue box because it is kind of hard to read

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