Dai_Postcard For EOA


Well, I wanted the bottom like the music volume. top like the melted chocolate dropping . And then I changed them in little bubbles, because i want them like more  kinetic. So it become how it looks like now.



10 thoughts on “Dai_Postcard For EOA

  1. Wow, Ken. This is really nice. The pop of color from the lines of dots really add to the piece. My suggestion: I had a hard time reading the “EVENING OF THE ARTS” on the front of the postcard. Maybe change that or edit it.

  2. I really really love everything about this especially the rainbow on black and white but i would make the evening of the arts part more legible because if i didnt know that this was for evening of the arts beforehand i may not have been able to decipher what it said.

  3. I think that the letters and vibrant colors are really cool. Maybe the letters could be a different font or be on top of a picture that resembles the neon theme more than the woods picture, though.

  4. What I like most about this is that rather than making your own background and just placing one of the art pieces in, you chose to actually use one of the pictures as a background, an added your own style to it.

  5. I like how you connected the dots on the bottom right of the second card with the dots of the top left of the first card and vice versa. Instead of writing the date and time somewhere else you just highlighted it in the paragraph, that’s pretty creative. I also think the EVENING OF THE ARTS is hard to read. It’s a cool idea but I don’t think the background works well.

  6. I really like the idea you have and the postcard is so colorful. The only suggestion is the words ‘Evening of the Arts’ are not easy to read. Maybe you can add a back ground for your title just make it easy to read.

  7. 名信片的颜色很丰富,直接用图片作背景很有创意,不过我觉得标题有点不太明显,如果在字后面加一个小背景效果可能会更好!加油

  8. This design is very colorful which makes the picture stand out more since the background picture is black and white. The bright dots were a nice touch and putting them in lines was also a good idea.

  9. I like how colorful the postcard is. Overall its pretty boss. My only suggestion would be to make the “Evening of the Arts” easier to read

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