Evening of the Arts Postcard


Left: Front side (5″ x 7″)
Right: Back side. (5″ x 7″)

The assignment here was to create a postcard to advertise the upcoming Evening of the Arts that included the School logo as well as at least one art piece from each level (Lower, Middle, and Upper School), and a small block of text that was provided for us (above; font used: Linux Libertine).

The Evening of the Arts is a public event in which art from all levels and grades is on display.

For my postcard idea, I wanted something very clean and simple. I didn’t want to use any crazy fonts (font used: Bebas Neue). Then, Mrs. Oliveri gave me the idea to put pieces of artwork from the displays into the letters, and I thought it was a great idea. I picked my favorite pieces and it worked wonderfully. Thanks for the idea, Oliveri!


7 thoughts on “Evening of the Arts Postcard

  1. I really like this poster because it is orderly yet the words form a shape. Also, I like how the pictures are in the letters…that’s cool.

  2. I think it’s cool how you made the pictures into the shapes of the letters. But you don’t really get the affect of the entire piece because you don’t see the whole thing. I like the simplicity.
    Good Job !!!!!!

  3. I really like this! I like how simple/black and white the whole thing is and then “Arts” incorporates the pictures. Maybe the paragraph on the back could all be the same font.

  4. Sarah- WOW! This is really great work. I have always been inspired by your work in our class. This one really wishes I had the skills you have!!! I normally don’t like black backgrounds, but the way you did yours is really complimenting the the rest of the piece. The Allendale Columbia Logo looks to far down into the piece, so maybe move it up to the top. But I really enjoy this piece and all your work. Nice job and keep it up!!!!!

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