Typographic Posters to Influence EOA Project

I was particularly fond of two pictures as I scrolled through, but one of them I did not find relevant to the topic.


Though I think  that this piece is amazing, I don’t see any typography in it in the slightest and don’t know what it is trying to advertise specifically.

A piece that I found extremely relevant and at the same time very useful was this piece nya:



This poster is simple, elegant, and clearly displays the idea that it is trying to advertise.



One thought on “Typographic Posters to Influence EOA Project

  1. I really like the simple black and white design. I also like the fact that they used many different typefaces that all work together to communicate the message. Do you think you would consider sticking to a black and white design? How could you use 5+ different fonts and keep them cohesive? Size? Scale? Grid layout?

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